Author: Ian Neilson

Jura, Here I Come!


Over the years I’ve occasionally entered external competitions, with some success now and again – it’s another use for images taken for DPS competitions. The Jura / VisitScotland competition caught my eye, and having enjoyed visiting many of the Hebridean islands but not Jura, I thought I’d have a go – nothing to lose…

Birds, Birds, Birds!


What excites me about nature photography is that it is limitless. There is so much wildlife and such variety of behaviour that even if I go out with an objective in mind, it doesn’t matter if that isn’t achieved, as there will be something new I have learned.

Lunar Exploration


On 19th January half a dozen DPS members took advantage of an offer of a visit to Dundee’s Mills Observatory on Balgay Hill. The highlight of a hugely interesting evening was the opportunity to photograph the surface of the moon, about which more later.

Competition Plea


Al Buntin calls upon the less competitive club members to consider taking part in competitions. For a number of years now the same members have been contributing images to DPS when it comes to the National Competitions. There has only been a handful of new members joining in.

Salon Successes


Congratulations must go to Colin Stacey, our Internal Competitions Secretary, for a raft of photographic successes. Colin says, “I feel elated this year to have achieved 36 acceptances at International Salons in five countries: these included one Silver PSA at Southampton, one RPS Ribbon at Northern Counties, one Highly Commended at Smethwick.” Colin’s successes were […]

Portrait Class – Morgan, The Model


Those of us who have continued to attend John Alexander’s portraiture classes have had the privilege of photographing Morgan, a very attractive young lass to whom modelling comes very naturally.

Portrait Class


Wednesday evening, 3rd November, saw five DPS members descending on John Alexander’s house for the first in a short series of classes in portrait photography. Alison and Bill Donald, Alan Kinroy, Alan Fox, and myself assembled for an instructive session.

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