1st Club Competition Division 1&2


1st Soft Radiance by William George Div1 Mono
2nd Salsify by Jean Burhouse Div1 Mono
1st The Postcard by Rikki O’Neill Div1 Colour
2nd Crouching Poppy by John McNairn Div1 Colour
1st A Perilous Predicament by John McNairn Div1 DPI
2nd Rush Rush London by Morag Forbes Div1 DPI

Division 2

1st Take My Breath Away by Ian Bain Div2 Mono
2nd Graphic Leaves by Karen Johnstone
1st Poppy Seeds Heads by Ian Bain Div2 Colour
2nd Cathedral by Jamie Jones Div2 Colour
1st Mar de Palha by Jamie Jones Div2 DPI
2nd Brum Brum! by David Densley Div2 DPI
2nd Fishing Boats by David Dutch Div2 DPI
2nd Look by Ian Bain Div2 DPI
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