Competition Rules - Internal

Effective from 6th September 2022

DPS reserves the right to reject any entry which does not meet the following requirements×

Note that correct naming of files is essential for upload. Files can be uploaded here



  1. DPS Number (as shown on the member’s syllabus card), No spaces, using 3 digits e.g. DPS007, DPS015, DPS123. THIS MUST BE IN CAPITALS
  2. Underscore (_) as Separator
  3. Category: M for mono , C for Colour, P for Projected e.g. _M or _C or _P
  4. Underscore (_) as Separator
  5. Title: Spaces allowed, e.g. _Loch Tay Reflection
  6. Underscore (_) as Separator
  7. Division in which you compete. Either _Div1, _Div2 or _Div3. Do not vary the case from that shown or add spaces.
  8. .jpg
  9. Examples:
    DPS007_M_Charlie Chaplin_Div1.jpg
    DPS015_C_Edinburgh Street Performer_Div2.jpg
    DPS123_M_Forth Road Bridge at Dawn_Div3.jpg
    DPS059_P_Glen Etive Deer_Div2.jpg



Images captured in 4:3 landscape format can be resized proportionately down to exactly 1600 x 1200.
Images captured in 3:2 landscape format resized proportionately down to 1600 wide will be 1066 high.

Images captured in 4:3 portrait format can be resized proportionately down to 900 x 1200.
Images captured in 3:2 portrait format resized proportionately down to 1200 high will be 800 wide (800 x 1200)

Square format images can be submitted at 1200 x 1200

Images cropped “free hand” in software are often of irregular proportions. In this case the maximum width for submission is 1600 and the maximum height is 1200.

General Conditions of Entry – all competitions

  • All images must be entirely the work of the photographer. This includes all camera work and image editing either in a darkroom or on computer. Printing of images may, however, be carried out by a third party which may be either an individual or a commercial organisation. By virtue of submitting an entry, the entrant certifies the work as their own.
  • The Council have the right to withdraw from a competition any image considered for any reason to be unsuitable. As a general guide, the club meetings are open to the public, therefore images unsuitable for public display should not be submitted.
  • Entrants must be fully paid up members of the Society.
  • Entries should be submitted by the close of the Society meeting indicated as “a hand in night” in the syllabus. Submissions after this time may be accepted by the Competition Secretary at his/her discretion, and his/her decision will be final. Note, if we are not meeting in the hall, arrangements will be made for a drop-off\pick-up point at suitable locations.
  • Any judge who is a member of Dundee Photographic Society will not be eligible to enter any category of the competition that he/she is judging
  • DPS accepts no responsibility for loss of, or damage to, any photograph entered.
  • DPS reserves the right to copy prints and retain digital images submitted to society competitions, for society purposes e.g. projection on competition nights, and for publication on the DPS website. Credit will be given accordingly. Authors will retain copyright of work.

The society may also seek the author’s consent to retain prints and digital images from club competitions as possible entries to SPF and PAGB competitions and local exhibitions.


Entrants should note that in all competitions, entries in monochrome  sections may not include an additional colour. Toning entirely in a single colour is allowed. An image containing partial toning, or an additional colour, should be entered in the colour sections. Members requiring further clarification should speak to the appropriate competition secretary.

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General rules for all divisions of Internal Competitions

  1. There will be four internal competitions in the year for divisions 1 & 2 and two internal competitions for division 3.
  2. Entries can be on any subject.
  3. There will be 3 categories, namely, Monochrome print, Colour print and Projected Digital Image (PDI).
  4. In divisions 1 and 2 members may enter a maximum of two images per category i.e., a total of 6 images in each competition.
  5. In division 3 members may enter a maximum of 9 images. These may be in any or all categories, for example, 3 images in each category, 9 images in a single category or any other mix of the photographer’s choosing.
  6. Images may be submitted only once irrespective of media, colour or monochrome. This applies to all internal competitions regardless of division or calendar year. An image, which is sufficiently similar to another previously entered by the same photographer, may be ruled ineligible as being effectively the same image even if they were taken at a different time. Monochrome and colour versions from one original are likely to be considered the same image, unless the artistic treatment is significantly different. Different crops of the same image may also be ruled as ineligible. 
  7. All images submitted will be shown and commented upon by the judge on the night of the competition.
  8. The judge will award 1st, 2nd and potentially 3rd placings for each category in each division. These images will be awarded certificates and 1st and 2nd placings will be eligible to enter the society’s final competition and exhibition which will take place in May each year. The judge may also award images Highly Commended and Commended placings
  9. The 2 members in each division whose images attain the highest overall placings in the year across all categories will receive an award. In division 1 and 2, the top 12 images from each author will included in the calculation. In division 3, the top 8 images from each member will be included in the calculation. As a result there will be 3 overall winners and 3 runners up at the year end.
  10. In division 1 and 2 there will also be awards for highest overall placings in the year for each category, with the top 4 images from each member in each category included in the calculation.

How to submit your entry – Internal Competitions

Monochrome and Colour Prints

  1. All prints should be mounted suitably on card. The overall size, including mount, must be 500mm x 400mm. Brief technical details may be given on the back of prints and a title must be given for ease of identification.
  2. Entrants must provide the following information on the back of each print entered:
    DPS number (as shown on the member’s syllabus), Title, M (Mono) or C (Colour) and Division (1 or 2). For example, DPS123, M, Title, Div2.
    Failure to give this information will result in exclusion from the competition. Entrants must not indicate their names. Labels relating to awards from previous external competitions/salons should be removed or covered up.
  3. Print entries must be accompanied by the submission to the digital upload system of the corresponding digital files to facilitate the projection of images on the competition night. The digital files must meet the requirements for projected digital image entries.

Projected Digital Images

  1. All entries for all categories must be submitted via the digital upload system at
  2. The file format must be jpeg.
  3. Images which are in Adobe RGB (1998) colour space should be converted to sRGB colour space before submission. This can be done in your editing software.
  4. The image size must be a maximum of 1600 x 1200 pixels for landscapes or a maximum of 1200 x 1200 pixels for portraits. Files larger than this may not upload successfully.
  5. Images must not contain layers; they must be ‘flattened’ prior to submission.
  6. Neither the title nor the photographer’s name or DPS number must be visible when the image is projected.


  • DPS Number (as shown on the member’s syllabus card), No spaces, using 3 digits e.g. DPS007, DPS015, DPS123. THIS MUST BE IN CAPITALS.
  • Underscore (_) as Separator
  • Category: M for mono, C for Colour, P for Projected, e.g. _M or _C or _P
  • Underscore (_) as Separator
  • Title: Spaces allowed, e.g. _Loch Tay Reflection
  • Underscore (_) as Separator
  • Division in which you compete, either _Div1, _Div2 or _Div3. Do not vary the case from that shown or add spaces.
  • .jpg Examples:
    DPS007_M_Charlie Chaplin_Div1.jpg
    DPS015_C_Edinburgh Street Performer_Div2.jpg
    DPS123_M_Forth Road Bridge at Dawn_Div3.jpg
    DPS059_P_Glen Etive Deer_Div2.jpg

Failure to correctly name a file may result in its exclusion from the competition.

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Prints for exhibition

The size of prints submitted for DPS exhibitions may at the author’s discretion but they must be mounted on board to fit club frames, which are 500mm x 400mm.

Annual Competition and Exhibition

As previously stated the 1st and 2nd placed images from each category in each division of the internal competitions will be eligible to enter the annual competition and exhibition. These images must be submitted at least 3 weeks before the opening of the exhibition to allow time for judging, framing and recording. On the opening night trophies will be awarded for the winning images.
Members who are awarded a place (first or second) for a projected image do not need to re-submit the digital image for judging, but may provide a mounted print version for inclusion in the exhibition. This should meet the print submission requirements.

The trophies will be held by the respective winners for twelve months They remain the property of DPS and must be returned at the end of the twelve- month period to any DPS Council member, unless the return of the trophy is requested earlier by the Council.

Resizing Images in Lightroom

Resizing Images in Photoshop

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