Charlie McCartney Snr ARPS DPAGB

I try to maintain a broad outlook when capturing images and as a result cover most elements, after all there are pictures wherever/whenever one looks. More recently I have been exploring the moods created by low light conditions, allowing me to capture scenes of Sky, Sea and Mountain. Photography affords me time to have: A Closer Look.

  • Autumn Aspens

    Autumn Aspens

  • Bothy Breakfast

    Bothy Breakfast

  • Cathedral Lock

    Cathedral Lock

  • Cold Dawn

    Cold Dawn

  • Coming In

    Coming In

  • Misty Sunrise

    Misty Sunrise

  • Lone Skier

    Lone Skier

  • Walking the Dog

    Walking the Dog

  • Robin & Co

    Robin & Co

  • Sisters in the mist

    Sisters in the mist

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