Stephanie Cowie

I have been taking wildlife photos for a few years now, and continue to enjoy trying to capture a moment in an animals life. The list of species I would like to get my own photo of, and places I would like to go keep growing. I have some favourite bird species, which are a pleasure to see – Wheatear, Black Guillemot, Dipper, Ptarmigan, Snow Buntings and Puffin. These species are particularly engaging and some individuals can be very confiding, allowing for close encounters. Sit down on the steps on Oban’s esplanade, stay quiet and still and you’ll soon find Black Guillemots crowding around your feet… Or find a comfy spot in the Angus Glens near some rocks, and a Wheatear may come and investigate. The Isle of May will have you almost within touching distance of Puffins, and if you can get to Iceland, the Snow Buntings practically run over your feet! Check out your local streams for Dippers (Peak District is particularly good area), but you will need to climb high to find Ptarmigan in the Scottish highlands.

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